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Refrigerator mould

This is a refrigerator molding project. We received this project from a home applicance factory from Spain in Asianmold Expo Guangzhou. The designer, Karl, provide rough 3D design. We transfer all into Autodesk file in UG and render 2D & 3D image files, then we have a network video meeting to dicuss the possibility and feasibility with mold flow analysis, process difficulty analysis with Karl and his team. Karl and his team are satisfied with the looking of the product rendered in computer. But we provide a suggestion that the mould design is too complicated, which will lead the production line into difficult situation. We simplify the design and render it, Karl and his boss are satisfied with what we did, and are happy with the mould cost as well. We totally spend about 2 monthes to finish the molding, Karl fly to check the first sample happily.

Refrigerator mould Case Show

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