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Vehicle mould

For over 15 years, JMT has been developing a better management for making high quality SMC/BMC/GMT Moulds, with related moulded products on Truck, such as truck roof panel, front panel, front/rear bumper, rear spar, engine oil pan, engine cover, deflector, spoilers, protecting pannel and automotive parts, such as battery box, wheel spad, bottom protector, etc.

JMT, a well-known SMC/BMC automotive mould maker and exporter, has grown into a superior mold manufacturer with a strong engineering team, in range of not only mold design ,but also mold feasibility, mold flow, product design and prototyping service. These all help usto make the most efficient mold strategies to develop for our customers successfully. .

Following is a truck front panel mold information, for your reference,
1.Mold material:European P20 or Customized
2.Steel hardness: 28 to 33HRC
3.Product size: 2103*916*132mm
4.Mould Size: 2150*1500*955mm
5.Mould Weight: 12Ton
6. Compress Machine: 2000Ton
7.Heating system: By Oil heating, the distance between product and heating system is 40-50mm
8. Trimedge: 0.05-0.1mm
9.Brand of Cylinder: VEGA
10.Brand of Spare parts: HASCO
11.Mould lifespan:100,000 times
12.Good polish with high brightness
13.Good machining with high precision

Vehicle mould Case Show

Taizhou Huangyan JMT Mould Co.,ltd is one of the famous mould factory in Zhejiang China, which specializes in vehicle mould design and tooling from 2002 until today. We make vehicle moulds for customers all over the World.

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