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Plastic Dustbin Mould

JMT Mould is specializing in the production of high quality plastic dustbin mould, we have professional design team who has rich experience on dustbin mould.

If you’re looking for a dustbin mould manufacturer, JMT is definitely your best choice! We have confidence in the mold quality since we have almost 20 years injection molding experience. We produce a variety of plastic dustbin molds. Such as pedal-pedal type, hang type, family use type, medical treatment type, industrial type, common type, etc. The volume of the dustbin can be customized according to the customer's requirements.

Dustbin molds need good design, especially the core part. Due to the high pressure and long time operation, the core needs good wear resistance and cooling system. Therefore, we designed the wear block on the core and bismuth bronze on the top. It leads to best cooling effect for high speed injection cycle time. In addition, the mould life will be guaranteed 1M shots.

What’s more, JMT Mould invested the time and effort to be awarded the IATF 16949: 2016 & IS09001-2008 Quality Certification.We hope to provide high quality service at low cost at all times, which is the guiding principle of our company.

Mould Features:

1. Short injection molding cycle time, high output with long mould life.

2. Uniform wall thickness, non-eccentric, so extending mold life.

3. Reasonable structure design, strong stability molding system.

4. Excellent cooling system design.

5. Fast delivery time.

JMT - your reliable mould expert, start your business with JMT Mould!

Mould Name
Plastic Garbage Bin Injection Mould
Mould Cavity 
1 Cavity
Mould Cavity/Core Steel
P20, P113, 718, S136, etc.
Mould Injection System
Side gate, Hot gate or Customized
Mould Life
Delivery Time
55 working days
Plastic Material

JMT Mould specializes in designing and making plastic dustbin injection mould. From 2005 until today, JMT Mould has had many great achievements in plastic dustbin injection mould development and manufacturing. Today, JMT Mould has over two hundred workers, including a mold design team of over 42 engineers.

JMT Mould has organized our facility for efficiency using the latest principles of lean manufacturing. Our capabilities now include prototyping, an injection workshop, and a state of the art QC lab. To help realize the benefits of consistent quality systems and business practices, JMT Mould invested the time and effort to be awarded the IATF 16949: 2016 & IS09001-2008 Quality Certification.

We are equipped with a set of advanced processing systems and fine machines, like CMM, Grinding, CNC Machines, Low-Speed Wire-Cutting Machines, EDM,. etc. We deeply believe that quality and speed are key elements to winning the competition. Advanced machines, not only can improve the quality continuously, but also shorten the production cycle and make customers' products more competitive in the market.

Plastic Dustbin Mould Case Show

After years of development, JMT won the trust of customers in product development, manufacturing, after-sales service and technical advice. Want to learn more about plastic dustbin injection mould? Get an online quote and mold DFM analysis today!

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