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Automotive Mould

JMT Mould is a world-class automotive mold manufacturer meeting European and American standards. We’ve been specialized in manufacturing of automotive mold series for 17+ years, including HVAC mould, bumper mould, auto lamp mould, automotive exterior/interior mould, washer tank mould, instrument panel mould, fender mould, bi-injection mould, door panel mould, etc.

JMT Mould has developed into a superior mold manufacturer with a strong engineering team. Engineering work includes not only mold designs, but also mold feasibility, mold flow, product design expertise and prototyping services, provide our customers with the most effective mold strategies.

We have developed great cooperation relationships with customers such as FORD, GEELY , GWM, TATA group and so on, by always providing excellent service. We are proud of our culture of continuous improvement and welcome all customers and potential customers to visit our factory anytime.