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JMT Mould is an enterprise which located in Huangyan Mould Town with 17+ years experience. Have been accumulated for a long time, JMT has developed very quickly and strongly.

Powerful hardware facilities

“Jin” means “Sincerely”, sincerely can move the mountains. “Ma” means “achieve immediate victory”. “Tai” means “as stable as Mount Taishan — develop steadily”.

JMT Mould in Chinese is Jin Ma Tai mould:

To be the pioneer of injection mould industry- a constantly & sustainable development. As an injection mold manufacturer, JMT mold develop based on the advanced plastic injection mold technology. Constantly improve the ability of processing, service, quality control, enhance each mold worker’s devotion and respect of their career. All the employee put every effort to achieve the dream of JMT to be the well-known brand all over the world.

Our mission: Innovation, Profession, Efficience, All-win.

Innovation——The power of wisdom. The powerful weapon for JMT to be an unsurpassable enterprise is the endless improvement and innovation. Rely on the innovating, we can find the unknown and overcome the blindly arrogant, then to explore, to solve, to move directly towards the target. Efficience——The power of diligent. Each person of JMT release their potential to create the biggest value, give customer the best service and high efficient mold. All-win——The power of harmony. JMT Mould is your reliable friend and family all the way and move together.